Partners, not just customers.

We are in search of partners, not just customers. Which means that we seek out situations where our services can have an immediate and significant impact on our partners’ bottom line. We have structured our pricing models to put this idea into practice.

Revenue Share

Wherever possible, we try to operate on a revenue-share basis. This obviously only applies to content that is being sold. Content hosting, content delivery, as well as all BizVision services are covered in our share of the revenues. And since there are no license or setup fees, or minimum monthly payments, it creates a no-risk way for an organization to experiment with webcasting, while ensuring that both parties’ interests are aligned.

Fee for Services

Where content is not being sold to an end-user, BizVision can operate on a fee for services basis designed to fit your organization’s particular needs.

Since both of these pricing options vary based upon the features and services you need, please contact us for a quote.

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