Professional Education

A Perfect Fit

If you’re part of an industry or professional organization that offers educational courses as part of your service, the BizVision platform can multiply your effectiveness (and revenues) almost immediately - with very little effort and practically no risk.

What Is It, Exactly?

BizVision is an online video education platform with an array of essential services making it possible for an organization of any size to get into video-powered online learning.

Take a closer look at the platform

Professional Education Features

Remote learning that can count for live or self-study credit. Through a variety of interactive features participants can take part in live webcasting events from remote locations and still receive live continuing education credit.

BizVision Simulive Technology. Allows previously live courses to be replayed and counted as live course credit by most accrediting bodies.

Tests and Certification. Verify users’ participation or confirm attendance with a quiz at the end and offer a customized certificate of completion.

Branded Catalog and Registration with E-Commerce. Create a customized, branded catalog and registration pages with ecommerce available if you want to charge for your events.

User Accounts. End-users can have a personal account on your webcasting system where they can manage their courses, edit their payment and contact information, and access the certificates of completion for all their completed courses.

Live Events. No need to come up with heavily produced courses. If your organization is putting on a live event for credit anyway, you can capture it and stream it live with BizVision platform and broaden the reach of your live events.

No-risk pricing model. For Professional Education partnerships BizVision prefers to operate on a revenue-share pricing basis. Which means there are no setup or license fees, and no risks to getting started.

Automated, branded emails. Automatically send out customized html or text emails leading up to and after your event.

Downloadable materials. Provide additional materials for download before and during your event in any format.

Advanced Participation Reports. See which users attended, logon and logoff time, as well as total participation time.

Interactivity. Participants can interact with the presenter or other participants by means of email, discussion board/chat room, Twitter, or by phone.

Scalability. The BizVision platform can easily scale from a few participants to 1000’s.

Closed-Captioning. Provide closed-captioning services for your hearing-impaired participants. Complete transcripts are also available following the event.