"What we’ve appreciated most about working with BizVision is their terrific combination of personalism and professionalism; as our partners, they do far more than simply provide a service; they are fully invested in our success."

-- Greg J. Neimeyer, Ph.D., Director, Office of Continuing Education in Psychology, APA Directorate, American Psychological Association


"BizVision offers a balance of technological innovation, fairness, attention to detail, fresh ideas, personal relationships and...due to our own lack of technological know-how...incredible patience.
With creativity, collaboration and integrity, BizVision has enabled us to take our "CLE Movie" webcasts nationwide and make our dream of business expansion come true!

-- Anna Marie Thatcher, J.D., Managing Producer
-- Graham Thatcher, Ph.D., Artistic Director
Periaktos Productions, LLC


"When we decided to put on our first TEDxBYU event we didn’t realize that the event would sell out so quickly. When it did, we scrambled to find the right organization to help us webcast the event so that others could be involved in TEDxBYU.
BizVision was the perfect partner for 2011’s TEDxBYU. Due to their experience and expertise they were able to quickly connect with BYU and create a great webcast site. BizVison was flexible, capable, and dead-on in delivering a great webcast solution for us."

-- Todd Manwaring, Managing Director, BYU Ballard Center & Peery Program